Our Services

Review and Optimization Services

Keep your software performance and customer experience uniform with effective testing.

Front Line Cloud Managed Services

Ignite Labs offers the future-proofed cloud package to the businesses that are striving for an advanced solution. We help in integrating an augmented user self-provisioned service that is effectively centralized and managed.

Our Cloud Service covers all that is required for a leading entity in the industry. The superior monitoring, testing, backup, and recovery modules, Ignite Labs have everything to make a business top-tier.

Cloud Consulting

Ignite Labs renders the Cloud Consultancy to its clients for an improved implementation. We align your business objective with ours to ensure a smooth and functional transition towards the cloud.

Workflow of Our Cloud Consultancy

Technology Revive Assessment
Development of Business Case
Business Value Analysis
Directory Structure Configuration and Mapping
SLOT Analysis
Estimation of TCO/ROI

Perfect Cloud Migration

Our Cloud Migration service enables the smooth and cost-effective transition of applications into the cloud environment.

  • Pre-Migration Drafting
  • Ideal Deployment Strategy
  • Cloud Component
  • Proper Integration
  • Cloud Provisioning
  • Auto Scaling Strategies
  • Backup And Disaster Recovery
  • Continuity Planning
  • Migration from Divergent Platforms.
  • Advancement of Directory Infrastructure
  • In Depth Examination of Directory-Integrated Applications
  • Inhabiting cloud environment to the current architecture
  • Assessing the Impact
  • Re-arranging applications for improvements

Seamless Cloud Transformation

Ignite Labs helps you in transforming your business operation to cloud infrastructure. We offer a practical and pliable method for maximizing profit margins

  • Assist you In Overall Cloud Based Value Chain
  • Provide Customized Cloud Service
  • Hosted Enterprise Management Systems
  • Swift Deployment Services
  • Cloud Orchestration Services
  • On-demand Environment Build
  • First hand Best-of-breed solution with industry standard

Cloud Management

We proudly involve our team of experts to critically examine the business infrastructure and develop solutions that administer a heap of interests and profit. Here you will get premium quality SLA, no disruption, and 100% application support.

24/7 Server Monitoring And Support
Scrutinizes Public, Private Or Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure
Application Support
Core Server Upkeep
End-To-End Legacy Migration
Patch Management And Security
Scaling And Downsizing
Sanction Self-Service Provisioning Of Cloud Resources
Advancement And Management Of Directory Infrastructure
Backup And Disaster Recovery
Periodic Dr Drills
Iaas, Paas, And Saas Management

Cloud Application Development

Ignite Labs ensures proper cloud application development services that include complete planning, development, migration, and support to operate the cloud architecture.

Need Recognition
Planning and Designing
Architecture Assessment
Execution and Testing
Application Launch

Performance Tuning

Performance Tuning

Ignite Labs carries a comprehensive approach where it utilizes the advanced cloud assessment tools to optimize the agility, performance, and potential of cloud services.

  • Performance Analysis
  • Remove Server Over Capacity
  • Respond To Security Threats
  • Enables Seamless Integration
  • JIT Instance Strategies
  • Coordination For Managing Traffic Spikes

Business Value of Ignite Labs

  • Provide Customized Cloud Services To Amplify The Agility And Market Uptake
  • Utilization Of Existing Infrastructure Components
  • Protection From Security Threats And Effective Disaster Recovery
  • Transform IT From CapEx To OpEx
  • Single Management Portal For Distributed
  • Controlled TCO