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Devops Managed Services

We provide DevOps Managed Services so that businesses can meet the always-on demand of their customers.

Innovate Faster with Unrivaled Managed Services

We are a squad of experienced Managed Service Providers who adeptly take over the tedious IT maintenance of enterprises. We provide them a simplified way to migrate the on-premises workload to the public cloud and aptly compete in the market.

Most Competent Managed Services

Our Managed solutions help our clients use best practices in development, focus on innovation, and achieve accelerated growth. Our team can give you a cloud infrastructure that's automated, composable, and flexible. We offer you a unified way to develop, test, and deploy applications on time with lower operational costs and security risks.

DevOPs Services

Our expertise in building infrastructure with DevOps tools will rationalize your company’s IT operations so you can work with accuracy and precision.

Cloud Managed Services

Cloud managed offerings to ensure your IT operations run effectively as your company adopts new technologies.

App Management Services

Improve the application competence to enhance quality and speed, and provide feedback for continuous perfection.

Infrastructure Support Services

Eliminate bottlenecks from the IT infrastructure that disrupt the development process in a timely, efficient manner.

Professional DevOps Services

We understand that the continuous delivery of new code in an automated, secure, and reliable manner is the need for today. Our DevOps managed expertise helps you bring the most updated and improved version of your product to your customers. Our team executes innovative, industry-standard practices to design and develop cost-effective, secure, and reliable solutions for you. It will improve your development quality and team collaboration. Whether you are refining an existing product or launching a new one, you will serve with a flexible solution to stay competitive and responsive to the changing market.

Services We Cater

  • Application Release Automation
  • Automated Application Development Lifecycle
  • Different Environment Setups and Ongoing Management
  • Development Environments Setups
  • Staging Environments
  • Production Environments
  • QA Environment Setup
  • Patching and Necessary Upgrades

Seamless Cloud Managed Services

We use an efficient cloud platform managed by trusted managed service provider, such as AWS and Azure, to properly implement cloud tools. We assigned highly-rated cloud experts to uplift the performance and efficiency inside your IT infrastructure. Get a resilient foundation in the cloud and leverage its full potential to compete in a dynamic and changing world. We will assist you to eliminate inefficiencies in your network and security operations with continuous cloud optimization so that you can scale your business faster.

Accessible Services

We fill technology and management gaps by offering the following Cloud Managed Services:

  • Cloud Consultancy Services
  • Cloud Monitoring
  • Cloud Deployment
  • Cloud Administration
  • Cloud Migration
  • Cloud Security
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • CMS based Cloud Management
  • Commerce Cloud management

Integrated Application Managed Services

With the increasing number of apps, the complexities in each app also escalate, and it is hard for an enterprise to accelerate user-satisfaction with innovation. Our tech specialists are competent in advanced languages, tools, and systems to efficiently improve apps performance. We deliver first-rate management services by refining internal operations and efficiency, bug fixes, and minor advancements. We fine-tune AMS to your IT operations so you can achieve better business results.

Accessible Platforms

We help businesses revolutionize for their customers with the following Application Managed services:

CMS Platforms
CRM Platforms
ERP Platforms
Marketing Platforms
Commerce Platforms
Search Platforms

Brilliant Infrastructure Support Services

We offer enterprise IT infrastructure support services to meet the dynamic needs of businesses. Our team of Managed services consultants is cross-trained with knowledge of the entire infrastructure design and operation. Our team can work across any infrastructures, deliver top-notch technical support, management, monitoring, and virtualization. We give you the needed assistance so your IT staff can focus on the core function to elevate the company's productivity and competitiveness.

Services offerings

We deliver cost-effective support of IT infrastructure with efficiency and precision in the following areas:

  • Network Design and Implementation
  • Network Administration
  • Infrastructure Monitoring & Altering
  • Vulnerability Check
  • Virtualization
  • Cloud Management Services
  • Database design and administration
  • CMS Platforms Support
  • Commerce Platforms Support
  • Search Platforms Support
  • Help Desk Services

New Age DevOps Managed Services Practice

We bring the entire ecosystem of DevOps to you with some of the best tools, and a great level of expertise in DevOps on AWS and Azure environments.

Managed Services at Ignite Labs

We offer cost-effective, managed services for small and medium-sized businesses to upsurge competitiveness. With technological expertise and a passion for providing first-rate Managed Services, Ignite Lab is your only source to scale your business faster. We use cutting-edge technology to monitor your servers, firewalls, routers, workstations, and the entire IT infrastructure.

Frequently Asked Questions
What are managed services?
Managed Services enable a business to hand over the burden of its IT operations to a highly-skilled service provider who monitors, addresses, and solves problems within the IT structures by 24/7 maintenance.
What are the benefits of managed services?
An IT outage can negatively impact your business. Managed services change the way a company deals with its technology. A professional managed services provider discovers and fixes the problems before they distress the IT operations. These services reduce operating costs, minimize downtime, and deliver peace of mind that the network is monitored 24/7.
What does a highly experienced managed services provider do?
An experienced managed service provider delivers on-going support regarding the network, infrastructure, application, and security. The managed services were primarily limited to infrastructure or device-centric types but now have expanded to cloud management, application maintenance, and continuous infrastructure support using DevOps tools.