Platform Development Services for a well-off Business Venture

Platform Development Services

We have our fingers on the pulse of innovation, where we artistically blend technology and experiences to streamline business complexities and drive growth.

What is Platform Development Service?
It is about forming a full suite of well-matched tech stack for all digital platforms like web, mobile, PC, smartwatch, VR, and AR. But to us, it goes beyond that.
We create and deploy high-end, scalable, and extensible custom applications in a wide range of industries.
First-rate App Development Services Endorsed by Global Clients
Finest Platform Development Services
Strategy and Consultation

Our experts help you weigh-in the pros and cons of pursuing an idea that breaks the norms of the time. We help you determine a plan to execute ideas that are way ahead of their time.

Mobile application development

We develop mobile applications with a passion for delivering change in the market. Application development is a journey that helps us provide the most refined digital experience to your clients. We don't profess to be the best; our portfolio says it all!

Cross platform development

We like to take the lead in unique propositions. Our team is qualified to develop cross-platform applications for healthcare and business to facilitate a greater good internationally.

Development services for UI/UX

An app cannot succeed until it fulfills the merits of stellar user experience. A team of IT specialists is at your service in this regard. We only deliver a project when it is cleared by a group of consumer psychologists on our panel!

Quality Assurance and Optimization

We believe that high-quality is the only route to success with no other alternatives. That is why we seek to optimize products that stand a firm footing in the quality standards.

Application Maintenance and Support Services

When we hold up a project, we give our best to offer our clients the best worth for their money. We make sure that our app continues to perform well through our maintenance and support services.

Why Only Ignite Labs?

Redefining Apps Through Agile
Mapping the current structure

We evaluate the company's existing processes and architecture to better understand the actual state before creating a personalized app.

Adaptive planning

We optimize a project with the right combination of technologies and give prompt response to changes with adaptive planning.

Faster Development

We divide a complete application into smaller modules and treat them into several independent subprojects to accelerate the development process.

Evaluation and monitoring

We deliver weekly demos for the end-user and do the required changes. An evaluation of KPIs, reports, and other metrics is done to monitor the app is working as agreed.

Frequently Asked Questions
How does a great app development company work?
At Ignite Labs, we provide our developers with a unique platform that is agile, swift, and relaxed for the end-user. With a comprehensive client's brief and complete transparency, there are no reasons to not invest in our finest quality app development services.
What are the platforms on which you develop apps?
We develop cross-platform applications on HTML5 and native mobile app development solutions on iOS and Android using an agile methodology.
How Do you design software applications?
We know that a hit application is the one that is intuitive and has excellent usability. We incorporate the UX design process based on information architecture, Wireframing the apps, and clickable prototype with UI in our app development services.
What does your custom app development process look like?
We develop custom applications by:
  • Creating detailed user stories
  • Strong sprint planning
  • Splitting the implementation process into independent checkpoints
  • Documenting code architecture, live user stories, and UI/UX design system.
  • Constant communication
  • Code review
  • Perform Quality Assurance once the code moves to the master branch
  • Run automated tests
  • Revisiting the implementation and testing checkpoints
How do you choose the application architecture?
We practice the best methodologies for app development, and while selecting an app architecture, we make sure that it should be:
  • Portable
  • Highly maintainable
  • Easily manageable
  • Great with reusability aspects
  • Each component should be individually Testable
  • Secure
  • Have flawless performance
How much does it cost to develop an app?
The cost of app development depends on the customization features you need, its complexity, types of graphics, sound effects, selected platform, etc. If you want to know your project's estimated price, kindly discuss your requirements, and we will get back to you promptly.
What is the average time to build an app?
It takes at least three weeks on average for enterprise-level app development. Generally, the duration depends on the complexities and features of the app.