We Ensure Simple, Secure, and Saleable Solutions

Data Warehousing Services

With enterprise-based procedures and implementations of the data warehouse, we offer a central reservoir that works as a storage pace for the data that can flow in the business.

Well-organized Data Warehousing Services

Ignite Lab helps companies to efficiently manage their data warehouse though data refining, migrating, and integrating.

What is Data Warehousing Services (DWH)?

The foundation of an organization's operational process is based on a sound Data Warehouse, where all the company's actual data is stored. Ignite Labs puts up the efforts to strengthen this part, which allows you to keep the data with flexible options.

It extends the secure storage facility to consolidate your data and its sources with high quality DWH services provided by Ignite Labs. Without facing the administration burden and overwhelming inflow of Big Data, we ensure simple, secure, cost-effective, and saleable solutions in this fast-changing world of technological advancements.

Cutting-Edge Data Modelling and Architecting

With enterprise-based procedures and implementations of the data warehouse, we offer a central reservoir that works as a storage pace for the data that can flow in the business. This data flow comes through various transactional systems such as CCTV cameras and other relational databases like MySQL, MongoDB, Neo4j, etc.

There Are Three Major Categories of Data:
  • Structured Data: This form is when the data is incorporated into employee management systems and inventory controls.
  • Semi-Structured Data: It is when the custom formats of data are developed.
  • Unstructured Data: This form of data is represented in images, video or audio recording, etc.

The process of outperforming the traditional methods is to redefining your business operational approach with professional Data Warehousing Services offered by Ignite Labs. We go through the whole information extraction process with every type of data involved within your business premises and transform it to enhance accuracy and effectiveness.

We identify the inflow of information with advanced tools and plugins and merge them into one data store. We present the options of warehouses classified for various purposes to ensure the correct alignment of the business procedures.

The Types of Data Warehouses

Enterprise Data Warehouse

This is the type of Data Wearhouse formed on a centralized base that caters to the needs of enterprise-based information. It follows a unified approach that leads the entities to make an informed decision on the grounds of data present at a single level and is arranged as per the required allotments.

Operational Data Store

Operational Data Store (ODS) is a unique set of offers for the organization if the need for Data Warehouse or OLTP systems support is not required. It is a real-time design used to solve the simple queries of arrives in operational data with basic status-level reporting. These ODS practices are crafted to handle small sets of data in active management.

Data Mart

This type is a subtype of Data Warehouse, and it is offered to the businesses for dealing with a small group of users. It acts on the particular departments and assists in the small-scale operations.

Our Tools & Technologies Stack

At Ignite Labs, we offer Data Warehouse Services that productively articulate the business operations. We equip you with the most robust tools and technologies that magnify your user experience and business methodology.

Microsoft Azure
You can also put your hands on Microsoft's leading cloud computing service that helps create, analyze, test, and deploy services.
This is one of the highly adequate tools for distributed analytics and search engine for all kinds of data.
Amazon Redshift
It is a cloud-based solution that allows you to contain and analyze the big data that size up to the petabyte scale.
Ignite Labs offer this relational database management system that provides a flexible and well-structured database for enterprise grid computing.
Google BigQuery
You can perform the online analytical processing, dashboard visualization, and chart analysis with the Kyubit BI.
It is the perfect tool for storing and analyzing your data through a cloud-based data warehousing startup.
IBM Informix
It seamlessly integrates SQL, NoSQL/JSON, and spatial data to deal with a wide range of atmosphere from enterprises to personal data management.
Cloudera Altus
This cloud service platform allows you to use CDH to analyze and process data around public cloud infrastructure. It includes Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS).
This is an ETL tool that is used for Data Integration and works with the priority of data quality, integration preparation, management, and big data. These software solutions are dealt with separately with a variety of products that specialize in each category.

How Can We Benefit You?

The Team of Ignite Labs is comprised of expert Data Engineers, Tech specialists, and Data scientists who understand the depth of Data Warehouse implementations and indulge it within your business procedures with smooth integration. The DWH is designed with complete planning and strategizing so that you can avail of a resilient, Long-lasting, secure, and coherent architecture.

The Perks of Leveraging Data Warehouse

If you have the zeal to bring out the most beneficial methods to the table and grasp the elements that can remodel and escalate your business performance, then the Data Warehouse Services can help you. The following are the upsides you can gain by enabling the successful implementations data warehouse.
Delivery of Enhanced Business Intelligence
With the optimized data management, there are no limitations on how much you can carry in throughout your operations time. Ignite Labs offers the Data Warehouse Services to expand the opportunities with the broader possibilities of managing data with enhanced business intelligence and making it readily available.
Time Saving with Data Warehouse
Despite having several sources and categories to store data, a data warehouse's modern methods can allow employees to access critical data without wasting much time quickly. Plus, the decision-making processes and the timelines for goal achievement have also shortened long-term benefits.
Data Warehouse Generates a High ROI
A higher return on investment never disappoints, and if you are getting it through just a minor and cost-effective modification of Data Warehouse implementation provided by Ignite Labs, it even better.