We Offer Secure and Authentic Solutions for Data Migration

Data Migration Consulting Services

Ignite Labs provide full-cycle legacy migration with zero interruptions and a 100% higher level of successful arbitration.

Confidently Move Your Data And Transform It With a Precise Vision

Be smart in making critical decisions by tracing any anomaly or system integrations.

Data is the prized possession and most valuable asset of your organization, and the most complex part of managing is its migration process. Every step taken in the Data Migration journey has to be carefully strategized, and in this case, Ignite Labs specialize in bringing you successful outcomes.

Ideal Procedure of Data Migration

At ignite labs, we proceed with caution and tiptoe the migrations method so that everything goes as planned. We follow a firm approach with conviction and apply the three significant steps:

  • Collection and Extraction of Data.
  • Transformation of Data.
  • Loading Data at the Destination.

Major Types of Data Migration

How Can Ignite Labs Help You With Data Migration?

We believe in complete transparency. Our team of expert engineers and scientists work hard on formulating strategies that align with your business vision and lead towards the outcomes that benefit you till the long-term. We offer secure and authentic solutions that smoothen your digital transformation with our Data Migration Services and meet the ends with quick and reinforced fault-tolerant architecture.

Our Process of Data Migration Services

  • Associating With the Objective of Your Business
  • Understanding Your Requirements and Data Type, and Sources
  • Pre-Migration Testing and Monitoring
  • Extracting and Collecting the Categories and Placements
  • Analyzing and Real-Time Migration Testing
  • Post-Migration Testing and Monitoring
  • Validations and Confirmation of Implementations
  • Aligning With the Current Operational Environment
  • Secure Migration Process with Architectural Accuracy

Stack of Tools and Technologies for Data Migration

Apache NiFi
This is an open-source initiative that controls and automates the information flow among the systems.
This is a high standard tool that works for data transformation and integration.
Talend Open Studio
This is an open-source tool that connects any data with operational systems in real-time and levels out the integration across any platform for data warehousing, BI, and data migration.
The MicroStrategy Desktop enables your business to run with efficient access and analysis of data for visualization.
This is a business intelligence software covering comprehensive services, including OLAP, data integration, data mining, reporting, extraction, and information dashboard.
This is an efficient tool that can replicate data and migrate it to the cloud warehouse.
It is an ELT tool that deals with the cloud database systems and includes browser-based UI that optimize the functions. The leading database platforms that are included in it are Google BigQuery, Snowflake, and Amazon Redshift.

Perks of Implementing Data Migration

With the increasing competition and upgraded technology, Data Migration has become more and more essential. There is no benefit of acquiring the process, and the following are the advantages that you can avail of if you plan to channel the data migration services.

Comprehensive Data Integrity

The process of Data Migration, followed by Ignite Labs, ensures the secure and reliable transfer of data with overall check and balance.

Cost-Effective Method

Data logging architecture is capable of identifying errors in real-time, and with sound tools, it can also reach its source and provide a possible route to skip it the next time.

Offers Improvements in ROI

The investment of Data Migration reveals the options of automation and digitalization through which you can get a higher return on investments.

Minimizes Disruption

The procedure of Data Migration reduces the usage of manual efforts and operations, which leads to minimum disruptions and delays.

Improved Data Consistency

Data automation can allow businesses to construct a systematic architecture that involves data consistency across the organization.

Facilitation of Custom Reports

The modern approaches allow businesses to develop custom based reports that are fetched through modern data storage.

Allow You to Control the Narrative

Whether it is the time for acquisition and mergers, data inflow confirmations, On-Premise to cloud solutions, or upgrading systems, the accurate, rapid, and comprehensive analysis allow you to gain the edge over your competition and leverage better opportunities for your business success.